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Our Design Process

Our Design Process Tailored to You

Concrete patio and fire pit

Step 1

Instant Quote

The first step in our Design-Build process is for you to generate a free instant quote through our Instant Quote Form.

Our Instant Quote Form is our proprietary software system that allows you to build a (ballpark) quote for your project at your convenience.  You can explore many options and build as many quotes as you like.

If our quote aligns with your target budget, please select YES in your quote email to move forward with the next step of our process. 

Step 2

Design Consultation

The second step in our Design-Build process is to meet with one of our Design Specialists at your property to discuss the details and key elements of your project.

We combine your input and our expertise, to create a design that will become the blueprint for our construction team.

Upon approval of our final proposal, we will coordinate the timing of your project and break ground. 


Step 3


Our projects are typically broken down into 5 steps. Each step is completed by one or more of our experienced crews. Our systematized approach allows us to replicate the quality craftsmanship that we are best known for project after project, year after year.

We will keep you updated on each step of your project as we progress from Excavation, Prep Work, Installation of your Concrete and Hardscapes, Landscape Restoration, and Final Clean Up.

There are right ways and wrong ways to install concrete.  At Ageless Concrete, we do things the right way, every time.